The 1st General Assembly and International Seminar of AWCF


  • Purpose : To find ways of operating AWCF which was established for sharing information and deepening exchanges & cooperation among social security organizations in Asia & the Pacific region; to discuss matters of common interests through an int'l seminar
  • Date : Oct. 25(Thu.) ~ 26(Fri.) 2012
  • Venue : The Lexington hotel(Yeouido, Seoul)
  • Participants : About 100 workers' compensation professionals from Republic of Korea(ROK) and abroad
classification Participants
  • 3 professionals of European Workers' Compensation organizations having a MOU with COMWEL including AUVA(Allgemeine Unfallversicherunganstalt) of Austria and DGUV(Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung) of Germany
  • About 20~30 professionals such as heads of AWCF affiliated organizations, staff members of ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and trainees of ILO-Korea Fellowship Study Programme
  • About 20~30 professionals such as COMWEL-related organizations like Ministry of Employment & Labour, academics, representative of the labour unions & the management, labour attaches of embassies in ROK, executives & staff members of COMWEL

주요 내용

① The 1st General Assembly (15:00 ~ 17:00, Oct. 25(Thu.) 2012)
  • To make & vote on AWCF bylaws regulating general matters of operation, finance, election of a chairperson; to read an AWCF Declaration in unison
② Int'l seminar (09:00 ~ 18:00, Oct. 26(Fri.) 2012)
  • Provisional theme: Issues & Challenges in Workers' Compensation in Europe and Asia & the Pacific region
  • Moderator : Vice President of Workers' Compensation Research Center, COMWEL
  • Sessions

(Morning session 10:20 ~ 12:30) EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVES

classification Title(Presenter)
Session 1
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance & Financing Policy in Austria 
    Ms. Dominique Dressler(Head of the Office for Int'l Relations & Convention Management, AUVA)
Session 2
  • Rehabilitation & Return-to-Work Policy in Germany
    Dr.Friedrich Mehrhoff(Director of Rehabilitation Strategies, DGUV)
Session 3
  • New Case Management, The Back To Work Program of SUVA
    (Results & Challenges)

    Dr. Willi Morger(Former President of the European Forum of Insurances against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases)

 (Afternoon session 13:30 ~ 15:40) ASIAN PERSPECTIVES

classification Title(Presenter)
Session 1
  • Major issues and prospects of workers' compensation in ROK and Asia & the Pacific region
    Hanam Phang Ph.D.(Senior Research Fellow, Korea Labor institute)
Session 2
  • Issues and future-oriented measures of workers' compensation
    Janggi Kim Ph.D. (Research Fellow, Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service)
Session 3
  • The current issues and challenges facing woekers' compensation in Asia and the Pacific region
    Dr. Mohammed Azman Bin Aziz Mohammed(Deputy chief Executive Officer, Social Security Organization)

(Discussion session 15:40 ~ 18:00) Discussants from COMWEL, Ministry of Employment & Labour, Academia(to be decided)