A Declaration for the Development of Partnership among the Member Organizations of AWCF

The heads of workers’ compensation organizations in Asia, including National Social Security Fund(NSSF) of Cambodia, PT.JAMSOSTEK(Persero) of Indonesia, Ministry of Labor & Social Welfare(MOLSW) of Lao PDR, Social Security Organization(SSO) of Lao PDR, Social Security Organization(SOCSO) of Malaysia, Social Insurance General Office(SIGO) of Mongolia, Employees' Compensation Commission(ECC) of the Philippines, Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service(COMWEL) of the Republic of Korea, Department of Labour(DOL) of Sri Lanka, Office of the Commissioner for Workmen's Compensation of Sri Lanka, Social Security Office(SSO) of Thailand, Vietnam Social Security(VSS) of Viet Nam, gathered here in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, on the 25th day of October, 2012 to participate in the inaugural General Assembly of the Asian Workers’ Compensation Forum (“AWCF” or “Forum”)

Highly and expressly aware that the International Labour Organization and the Republic of Korea have pursued reciprocally favorable relationships in the areas of labor and employment through providing various cooperative activities or programs; that effective, practical responses to various challenges in the workers’ compensation, which are faced by many Asian countries, are required; and that many member organizations in Asia with countless potentials to grow in various aspects have attempted to develop and ripen their own schemes, all participators in the Forum reached an agreement on the development of partnership to pursue their reciprocal prosperity based on the following goals, principles, areas of cooperation at the early stage of the Forum, and direction of cooperation:


We hereby declare that the goals of the Forum as part of efforts to develop partnership among our member organizations are to facilitate human exchanges and information sharing, which will contribute to the development of the workers’ compensation and the enhancement of social security in Asian countries, through pursuing the sustainable operation of the Forum established in July, 2010, and thereby further cooperative relationships & exchanges in the area of the same scheme.


With our commitments to achieve the above goals, we hereby declare that the development of partnership among workers’ compensation organizations in Asia shall and will be pursued under the following principles:

A. We should further human exchanges and information sharing among member organizations;
B. We should build reciprocally favorable relationships among the member organizations;
C. We should develop & maintain reciprocally helpful relationships with other similar associations or forums, including ISSA (International Social Security Association), ASSA (ASEAN Social Security Association), EWCF (European Workers’ Compensation Forum), IAIABC (International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions), RI (Rehabilitation International), etc.; and
D. We should cooperate on the development of the workers’ compensation in the countries of the member organizations

Areas of Cooperation at the Early Stage of the Forum

With our respects for the capacity of member organizations’ own to develop the scheme, we hereby declare that, as for now at the early stage of the Forum, we shall and will focus our cooperative efforts on the following areas or activities:

A. To provide opportunities to visit member organizations on a regular basis, and thereby exchange information with one another and share opinions about how to pursue their own organizational operation & development;
B. To share relevant information through seminars, workshops, website, etc.; and
C. To maintain continued cooperation on common interests or challenges through networking with one another among the member organizations, and thereby pursue reciprocal growth and prosperity

The above areas or activities requiring cooperation among the member organizations will have to be rooted in the pursuit of regularized, continued relationships.
Also, as part of our engagement in the above areas or activities, we will have to hold working-level meetings to formulate a concrete, substantial plan for reciprocal cooperation among the member organizations.

Direction of Cooperation : General Assemblies & Seminars

We hereby declare that we shall and will hold general assemblies and seminars on a regular basis to develop the workers’ compensation in Asia.
A general assembly will be held every 2 years. A member organization with interests in holding or that wants to hold a seminar can do so with discussion with the Secretariat of the Forum. In this case, who will bear responsibilities for relevant expenses shall be specified in accordance with the reasonable decision of the hosting organization.

It is expected that all of these efforts will serve as opportunities to develop more efficient and systematical cooperation programs among the countries of the member organizations.