Asian Workers’ Compensation Forum (AWCF) was created in August 2010 as a platform for social security organizations from member countries to share related information and experiences by means of sessions, training programs, seminars, forums, mostly through virtual platform. 

First and foremost, I sincerely thank The Malaysia's Social Security Organization (SOCSO) for developing the AWCF as well as having chaired this forum for 5 consecutive years. I am sure that all of us would agree that SOCSO had maintained and brought the forum up since its inception. 

I wish to recognize all the members for your trust and faith in appointing BPJS Ketenagakerjaan as the Chair Institution for AWCF. I am greatly humbled and honored to be receiving this responsibility. 

BPJS Ketanagakerjaan, as an public institution who mandated by law, is committed in providing social security protection to our contributors. 

In conjunction with the Indonesia economic growth, we are continuously ensuring that fairness and equality to all employees are achieved to those that have contributed to the solidarity fund. I am sure, all members of the AWCF are also seeking the same in your practices. 

Accordingly, I am hoping that AWCF will continuously develop and grow with our active participation and could increase the numbers of new members. Since most of its activities will be done online, I expect more publications relating to Asian Workers’ Compensation from member institutions. 

Therefore, I would like to invite your good organization to come forward and share your brilliant knowledge, experiences and also information in this platform and looking forward to our successful collaboration. Together, the AWCF would continue to be one of the most important organization for workers’ compensation. 

Agus Susanto
President Director
BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
Jakarta, Indonesia